Employee-first AI Cyber Security Training with Anzenna

Employee-first AI Cyber Security Training with Anzenna
“We’re under cyberattack!” cry the 82% of humans who are the victims and also the root cause. Is the answer “more tools”, “more policy”, “more process” OR is it time for the computers to work with us? Enter Anzenna and AI cyber security training? It’s time for our organizations to prioritize cyber security training and involve all employees in their security efforts instead of buying more security monitoring tools and writing more processes and policies. 

Challenges with old school cyber security training

Every employee everywhere knows that annual compliance training initiatives fall short and are not a solution to cyber attacks. Those old-school training with slide deck lectures that only happen once or twice a year and end with a tick-box and a whimper. What’s the result? No lasting behavior changes occur. No integration of security processes into employees’ daily workflows and jobs to be done. And more cyber attacks.  Old school cyber security training is a failure. Ask anyone. Ask yourself.
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So, the question is… how do we (yes, we, not just the security team, but all of us) bridge this gap between modern cyber-attacks and old school cyber security training? Enter Anzenna. We still need monitoring tools. We still need those badly written policy and process in a Word document that nobody reads. But we also need something else. Anzenna a purpose-built AI-driven solution that embeds itself in your employees/ daily work to keep them putting security first. Like all good AI, it complements humans and supports them to be better. In this case, to be better at security. Anzenna AI transforms your employees from being the weak point to being the front line defense.

What is Anzenna’s solution for cyber security training?

By engaging employees in the context of their work and providing reinforced learning, Anzenna helps organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture while fostering a security-conscious culture. 

Cyber security challenges that Anzenna helps to address:  

  • Human-Caused Breaches Research indicates that 82% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. This highlights the importance of involving all employees in cybersecurity efforts to mitigate risks effectively.
  • Sophisticated Attacks Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly advanced and complex, making it crucial for organizations to stay vigilant and proactive in their security measures.  
  • Lack of Security Awareness Many employees lack adequate security awareness, and traditional annual training initiatives often fail to instill lasting behavioral changes. Employees may perceive security as someone else’s responsibility, leading to a lax attitude towards cybersecurity.  
  • Integration and Incentives Security processes are often not integrated into the tools and systems that employees use daily. Additionally, employees may not feel incentivized to actively participate in security efforts, viewing it as a burden or someone else’s problem. 

How does the Anzenna’s AI-driven solution work?

Anzenna’s new, modern approach offers an effective way to address the gap between modern cyber-attacks and old cyber security training techniques.   By focusing on engagement, reinforcement, and contextual learning, Anzenna empowers employees to become an integral part of the organization’s cybersecurity strategy. 
  • Reinforced Learning Anzenna’s solution continuously models employee security posture, identifying areas for improvement, and incentivizing employees to address these issues. By reinforcing learning and providing remediation, Anzenna ensures that employees retain and apply their cybersecurity knowledge effectively.  
  • AI Simulations Anzenna’s advanced AI simulations keep employees engaged and vigilant without resorting to punitive measures. These simulations provide realistic scenarios and challenges, allowing employees to apply their cybersecurity knowledge in a practical and engaging manner.  
  • Embedded Learning Anzenna’s outcome-driven learning approach integrates seamlessly into employees’ daily work routines. By aligning with compliance needs, Anzenna ensures that employees receive the necessary training while still meeting organizational requirements. 

What are the benefits of cyber security training with Anzenna? 

I’m going to invoke RFC 2119 here: Employees MUST transition from being the weak point to being the strength in cyber security. If employees are the front line of security, then the security of the business will be better than those that are not. But how?
  • Involvement of All Staff Anzenna recognizes that human error is a significant factor in cybersecurity breaches. By involving all employees in cybersecurity efforts, organizations can leverage their collective knowledge and vigilance to strengthen overall security measures.  
  • Decreased Burden on Security Anzenna’s solution democratizes security by empowering employees to actively participate in cybersecurity. This reduces the strain on dedicated security teams, enabling a more distributed and effective security approach.  
  • Engaged and Vigilant Staff Traditional training methods can often be tedious and uninspiring. Anzenna takes a different approach by making cybersecurity interesting and engaging. By removing the punishment and tedium associated with security training, employees become more motivated and vigilant in safeguarding the organization’s digital assets. 

In conclusion 

With the ever-increasing complexity of cyber threats, we MUST (that RFC 2119 again!) adopt innovative solutions like Anzenna to address cybersecurity challenges. Anzenna’s AI-driven solution offers advanced simulations, reinforced learning, and embedded training to engage employees, enhance security awareness, and foster a proactive security culture. By involving all staff members, alleviating the burden on security teams, and making cybersecurity interesting.

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