Unify ML, Dev, Sec, and Ops

Bring the management of AI/ML models alongside pypi, CRAN, Conan, Conda, and other software components for a unified view of the software you’re building and releasing. Apply the same best practices you use for package management to model management. Unlike Git and point solutions, leveraging JFrog for model management provides the best in performance, scalability, and optimized handling of large binary files. Store models alongside their required data, files, and packages to easily bundle them into a secure Release Bundle for maturation towards release distribution.


Fortify Security Across Your Software Supply Chain

Deploy a holistic security solution for your software supply chain. Span software curation, creation, consumption and ongoing monitoring. Endlessly secure your software development pipelines


Infuse Security into Your DevOps Process

Build security seamlessly into your developers’ workflows. Minimize effort with intelligent policies, CVE prioritization, and enhanced remediation guidance


Streamline Compliance Assurance

Meet increasingly stringent compliance requirements. Save time and automate compliance workloads with granular policies. Comply with confidence with all must-have actions for SBOM generation, sharing and reporting.

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