CAASM with runZero

SJULTRA helps you Implement CAASM and runZero into your environment

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management with runZero

To get the most from security solutions like runZero, you need to not just integrate them with your cyber assets, but also with your cyber people and processes.

SJULTRA are an official runZero reseller and services partner, with the expertise to help you assess, plan, deploy, and operate a CAASM solution, powered by runZero. 

SJULTRA can support your CAASM runZero solution by helping you answer these questions:

  1. Is CAASM something I need, something I’m missing?
  2. Is runZero the right CAASM solution for me? 
  3. What would a custom CAASM solution look like for me?
  4. What does the project plan look like to deliver CAASM?
  5. What expertise and support is available?

Then the SJULTRA team can help break down the solution into manageable work packages so you see regular progression and a sense of accomplishment.

Architecture of a cyber asset attack surface management solution with SJULTRA and runZero

Would you like to see Some sample deliverables - or ask us a question?

We can send you a helpful pack that gives you a sense of what needs to be done for a successful CAASM solution with runZero. Or just ask us a question!

We promise: there’s no obligation; you won’t be hounded by sales people; you won’t be added to a marketing list. 

What is CAASM?

Cyber asset attack surface management is the process of evaluating potential vulnerabilities present within an organization's infrastructure and cyber assets.

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We can resell and provide services to help you build the best CAASM solution with runZero.