SJULTRA and runZero: A new kind of CAASM for amazing security visibility in minutes.

SJULTRA resell, deploy, and operate runZero in complex and threatened environments to provide ctive scanning, passive discovery, and API integrations unite in one powerful platform.

Why? To deliver unified visibility into managed and unmanaged assets across IT, OT, IoT, cloud, mobile, and remote environments.

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Cyber Asset Discovery

Uncover all managed and unmanaged devices, IT, IoT, and OT, from all environments, on-premises, cloud, and remote.

runzero network-assets inventory

Cyber Asset Inventory

An inventory is only useful if there is a true understanding of assets.

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Attack Surface Management

Get to full asset inventory and actionable intelligence with a CAASM solution

runzero cyber-hygiene-remediation

Cyber Hygience

Quickly respond to security incidents, and strengthen your readiness against future attacks.

Architecture of a cyber asset attack surface management solution with SJULTRA and runZero

Build your CAASM solution with SJULTRA and RunZero

SJULTRA are resellers and service experts, building CAASM solutions with runZero.

In addition to runZero expertise, the SJULTRA team is experienced in infosec, infrastructure, and we understand that it’s not just about technology: we make sure the people and process aren’t left behind.

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