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Hugging Face Assessment Service To Build Your Own AI Through Secure Collaboration

SJULTRA can help you assess how best to use Oobabooga and the implementation that is right for your use case.

SJULTRA can help you assess how best to use Oobabooga and the implementation that is right for your use case.

This assessment involves the enumeration of vulnerabilities and risks that are accessible from the Internet.

Testing covers injection (URL, SQL, LDAP, cookie etc.), authentication, session management, cross-site scripting, object/function access control, data exposure, misconfigurations, vulnerable components/frameworks/libraries, forged redirect/forwards, cookie security, hashing and more.

We assess the security of the various components of a cloud-based applications including identity and access management, virtual machines, virtual networking, virtual security appliances, data storage, databases, and virtual private clouds.

From development to software artifacts and across the deployment pipeline, we can offer an independent view and recommendations.


Observe the drift, manage the drift, reduce the risk.

Cyber Asset discovery, inventory, management, and hygiene for maximum CAASM.

Build intelligent applications powered by semantic search and generative AI over any type of data.

Create a single system of record for ML models that brings ML/AI development in line with your existing SDLC.

Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365 implementation services to help businesses make the most out of cloud technology.

Mammoth Cyber’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Enterprise Access Browser (EAB) solutions


Using JFrog technology, we build intelligent automated security and compliance solutions designed for complex DevOps workflows.

Supercharge Your Incident Response Across Your SOC. Reduce Time Spent On Incidents By 90%.

The team at SJULTRA provides cyber security solutions to protect your data and technologies so you can focus on business growth with peace of mind

We help protect your workforce with simple, powerful access security – so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Lean on our team to analyze threats, misconfigurations and rapidly patch critical threats, and quarantine assets.

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