SJULTRA partners with Axonius to deliver a range of Infosec and ITSM solutions.

Axonius is a super-powerful product that can really open the eyes of an IT org, especially for Infosec.

For example, at SJULTRA, we help clients use Axonius for a range of uses cases, from Drift Management, to Software Management, to Management Scope – there are many use cases.

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Drift Management

Don't let attackers find your gaps before you do.

Attack Surfaces

Assets plus relationships reveals attack surfaces.

Coverage Gaps

Find our where your processes have failed and gaps have opened.

SaaS Security

It's not just on-premises: what's gone wrong off-premises?

SJULTRA are resellers and service experts, building drift management solutions with Axonius.

In addition to Axonius expertise, the SJULTRA team is experienced in infosec, infrastructure, and we understand that it’s not just about technology: we make sure the people and process aren’t left behind.

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