Technical Report: Protecting your containers from themselves with AccuKnox

Technical Report: Protecting your containers from themselves with AccuKnox

SJULTRA’s exclusive technical report examines AccuKnox’s real-time security measures for containers and Kubernetes, distinguishing it from reactive alternatives. The report aims to educate readers on Cloud Native App Protection Platforms (CNAPP), highlighting the advantages of AccuKnox over competitors.

Who is this Technical Report for?

Technical and security practitioners who work with security tools will benefit most from this report.

The report was written in two key parts:

Part 1: How to compare and contrast AccuKnox to industry standards, requirements, and competitors.

Part 2: Deep-dive installation and configuration.

Who wrote this report and why?

Tom Howarth @ SJULTRA led the report writing with support from other SJULTRA infosec experts and guidance from the AccuKnox team.

At SJULTRA, we help clients and practitioners to evaluate technology, especially security technology like AccuKnox.

Our independent approach and our practitioner-perspective helps create useful and actionable content for other people.

What are the Key points of the report?

  • Key capabilities of AccuKnox CNAPP, including runtime protection and permissions management
  • Analysis of the KubeArmor engine’s ability to enforce restrictions and prevent unauthorized changes
  • Step-by-step demonstration of stopping access to sensitive mounted volumes in a vault container
  • Insight into monitoring options for container processes, network connections, and file systems
  • Comparison of AccuKnox with competitors in the crowded CNAPP market
  • Balanced discussion of pros (real-time prevention) and cons (onboarding friction)

Where do I get the report?

AccuKnox Technical Report by SJULTRA

SJULTRA are an AccuKnox partner.

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