runZero platform introduction

runZero platform introduction
runZero platform provides businesses with a unified view of assets in their network. The runZero platform merges asset, network, software, vulnerabilities, and user data from IT and security solutions to provide a comprehensive overview of the network. One unique feature of runZero is its unauthenticated scanner that does not require credentials or captured traffic.

Why is it important to have a unified view of assets?

From a security perspective, having a unified view of assets in a network is crucial to maintaining the security of the network. Here are some reasons why this is important:

Comprehensive Asset Management

From a cybersecurity perspective, it is just as important to consider physical assets and their locations as it is to consider the technology that is central to a digital life. Having a comprehensive view of all assets in a network allows organizations to manage their assets more effectively, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. By having a unified view of assets, organizations can track all their hardware and software assets, including operating systems, applications, and network devices.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

One of the main benefits of having a unified view of assets in a network is that it enables organizations to identify vulnerabilities more easily. For example, the Qualys Cloud Platform provides a unified view of asset vulnerabilities by merging results from unauthenticated scans and agent collections for the same asset using a Correlation ID to uniquely identify the asset record to merge scan results. This enables organizations to identify vulnerabilities across all their assets, including those that may be hidden from other asset management tools or software.

Threat Mitigation

A unified view of assets also helps organizations to understand their attack surface and identify potential threats. Threat actors can automate scans of the internet to find vulnerable assets in under an hour, so it is critical to know all the assets in a network to mitigate the risks of these attacks. By having a complete and up-to-date view of all assets in a network, organizations can more effectively protect their network and prevent cyber-attacks. Reach this document from the UK National Cyber Security Centre on the importance of cybersecurity asset management. How does runZero help you with cybersecurity asset management?

runZero platform features 

Some of the key features of runZero platform include: 
  • Unified View of Network Assets: runZero merges data from various sources to provide a comprehensive view of network assets.
  • Unauthenticated Scanner: The platform offers an unauthenticated scanner that does not require credentials or captured traffic.
  • Network Discovery: runZero requires at least one Explorer installed in the network to enable network discovery.
  • Wired Connection: For internal networks, runZero works best when installed on a system with a wired (vs wireless) connection
But what’s the point of these features? What benefits do they give?

Benefits of runZero platform

“runZero eliminates the complexity and cost barrier present in most asset discovery solutions. Other tools are not only expensive and difficult to deploy, and their discovery capabilities are secondary. runZero purely focuses on asset discovery. It has become a tool in our arsenal and helped us speed up client onboarding and investigations,” says Ryan Pinga, President of Cybersecurity Services and Maintenance Services at Presidio. “The last thing our clients want to do is fill out a spreadsheet or answer questions about their assets. We want to show to our clients that we are helping them focus on doing more valuable things for their company.” There are three improved outcomes of using the runZero platform:

Quickly deploy runZero anywhere, on any platform, in minutes

The runZero Explorer is a lightweight discovery engine that requires no agents, endpoint logins, traffic captures, netflows, span ports, or network taps. Choose the Explorer and console deployments that work for you: SaaS or self-hosted.

Get the most accurate data about any asset on your network

runZero provides critical context and data needed by incident response and security teams to accelerate decision making. Never wonder what an IP address is ever again. Instantly search your inventory for answers.

Use runZero as a standalone or with other IT & security solutions

Enrich runZero asset inventory with data from other IT and security solutions, like CMDBs, MDMs, and EDRs. Integrate runZero with your existing technology stack to achieve greater visibility of assets and services across your network.

Who uses runZero?

Companies that use runZero

Read more testimonials.

Job roles that use runZero

runZero is used by a range of companies and job roles. The platform is best suited for businesses of all sizes that require a comprehensive view of their network assets. Some of the job roles that use runZero for asset management and vulnerability identification: 
  • Cloud Security Professionals 
  • IT Professionals
  • Security Professionals

What does runZero do? 

Some of the common tasks performed using runZero platform include: 
  • Network Discovery: runZero is used to discover network assets and merge data from various sources. 
  • Vulnerability Scanning: The platform provides automated vulnerability scanning to identify and address vulnerabilities in real-time. 
  • Security Monitoring: runZero helps businesses stay on top of security threats by monitoring security events and providing alerts. 
  • Compliance Monitoring: The platform helps businesses stay compliant with regulations and standards by providing continuous monitoring and reporting. 

runZero Platform case studies

Presidio deploys runZero for greater visibility across their internal and client networks

With runZero, Presidio has been able eliminate spreadsheets and reduce the amount of time spent collecting client data. Now, they can focus solely on delivering outcomes for their clients.
Presidio is a Global Digital Services and Solutions Provider that delivers managed services and solutions to help organizations strengthen their security posture. Internally, Presidio lacked visibility into their environment and needed help with their asset inventory. The team knew they wanted automated discovery capabilities that could deliver asset visibility across not only their internal networks, but for their clients as well.


As Presidio looked into asset discovery solutions, they recalled a tool they had learned about on Reddit called runZero. runZero, a network visibility and asset inventory solution, doesn’t require endpoint agents or credentials for discovery. Within a few days, they were able to self-deploy runZero internally and set up recurring scans to update their asset inventory. Now, when it comes to the next step of their workflow with a CMDB like ServiceNow, the system is able to automatically ingest data from runZero.


After seeing immediate success with their internal deployment, they started using runZero to onboard clients to their managed service programs. With runZero, they’ve been able eliminate spreadsheets, thereby reducing the amount of time spent manually collecting client data. Instead, they can focus on delivering outcomes for their clients.
Read the Presidio case study. Read more runZero case studies.

Pros and Cons of runZero Platform 

Some of the pros of using runZero platform include: 
  • Provides a unified view of network assets 
  • Offers an unauthenticated scanner 
  • Helps businesses stay compliant with regulations and standards 
  • Provides automated vulnerability scanning 
Some of the cons of using runZero platform include: 
  • Requires at least one Explorer installed in the network to enable network discovery 
  • Works best when installed on a system with a wired (vs wireless) connection 

What do people say about runZero platform?


“runZero is the first and only service capable of real-time asset discovery rather than simple asset inventory that is built once and then never maintained. runZero has helped solve a vexing problem for us and improved our security posture significantly almost immediately after deployment.” testimonials.


On Capterra, a software review website, runZero has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on 34 reviews as of 2023 “runZero Reviews 2023 – Capterra Network Mapping Software runZero Reviews 4.9 (34) Write a Review! How does this software stack up? Read more runZero reviews on Capterra.

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