Perimeter Security Assessment Overview

This assessment involves the enumeration of vulnerabilities and risks that are accessible from the Internet – the “hacker’s perspective” – and includes expert manual validation and penetration testing. SJULTRA starts by using a cross section of best-of-breed scanning tools to harvest vulnerability data.

Our experts then validate all results to eliminate false positives and uncover any other vulnerabilities that may have initially escaped detection. To the extent possible (without damaging systems or data) identified vulnerabilities are exploited to assess their real severity, the level of exposure they may allow, and the potential impact of a breach.


Assess complex & frequent threats

Because hackers attack perimeter security from many angles and through a number of methods, organizations need a complete solution offering full protection.


Access app sprawl

SJULTRA will help assess employing just one solution and reduce technical training requirements for IT staff.


Access geographically teams

Access increasingly stringent geographic requirements. Save time and automate compliance workloads with granular policies.

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