How an enterprise access browser wraps your users in secure remote access

How an enterprise access browser wraps your users in secure remote access

The Enterprise Access Browser (EAB) from Mammoth Cyber is a zero-trust network access solution that wraps your users access into a secure Chromium-based policy engine and secure browser..

An EAB is the answers for every enterprise that doesn’t want to be in the 82% cohort (humans are the weakest link) when it comes to security breaches. We all click links we shouldn’t because some of us are trusting folk, and of course there are the bad actors amongst us. Sometimes VPNs aren’t enough, and EABs offer more granularity of security.

“Compliance is a check box. But, privacy, security and compliance must work in tandem to help manage risk. Our solution that delivers compliance, provides zero-trust remote access to our cloud infrastructure and integrates MFA.”

– CISO, SaaS-based Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) aggregator

In this article we’ll quickly go through the why, how and what for the EAB solution and then paint a picture where you can be, the art of the possible, rather than where you are today


Why Do We Need To Wrap The Users With Security?  

One of the main challenges that the EAB addresses is the risk of unauthorized access and data theft by remote employees and contractors. According to Mammoth Cyber, remote employees and contractors are by far the largest risk for losing sensitive company data and compromising corporate identities. 

How Do We Wrap Users With Security?

The EAB provides complete visibility and control for secure remote access, which helps address this challenge. The product combines a policy engine and a Chromium-based web browser to create a new solution for secure remote access. The Mammoth Cyber solution enforces conditional access and controls user actions when connecting to the public cloud, internal applications, and SaaS applications. 

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What Should I Look For?  

Infrastructure Access 

Zero Trust For SSH Access, Eliminates Complexity Of Key Rotation, Monitors Privileged Sessions.

VDI Alternative 

A revolutionary way to manage access to Web and SSH applications from anywhere. 

Visibility And Compliance 

Compliance audits are time consuming, labor intensive and often riddled with errors and inconsistencies. 


Here are some of the positive outcomes of using Mammoth Cyber EAB for zero-trust network access.

  • Users can only access to the applications they need to do their jobs.  
  • No longer need to toggle between multiple VPN and ZTNA clients. 
  • SSH, RDP, Git, Kubernetes access direct from their own environment.  
  • Integration with Identity providers like Okta and Azure AD.