Independent Cyber Security Vendor Assessment with CyberRatings

Independent Cyber Security Vendor Assessment with CyberRatings

When security practitioners research products as part of their purchasing due diligence, they look for independent and objective reviews that inform their decision. This is exactly what Cyber Ratings does for security products and services.

In this article we explore:

What IT Security product assessment challenges does Cyber Ratings address?

It can be a struggle to find independent or objective evaluation of technology. Good vendors will provide case studies, use cases, testimonials, and ratings, but what prospects really want is independent and objective analysis and product ratings.

A Product Rating is a forecast, an expert opinion about a product’s capacity to meet its obligations to consumers over time. Product ratings inform consumers — enhancing transparency and enabling them to focus on considerations that are most critical to their organizations helps organizations navigate the cybersecurity landscape, providing them with reliable information to make informed decisions about the cybersecurity products and services they use.

There are six things that Cyber Ratings assess:

  • Browser security
  • Cloud network firewall
  • Endpoint protection
  • Enterprise firewall
  • Security services bridge

SJULTRA Cyber Ratings reports

What are the benefits of Cyber Ratings?

We all read vendor marketing to learn about a topic. But, it’s like learning cards in a casino. The big benefit of Cyber Ratings is that they will teach you how to play cards, but they aren’t a casino:

  • Map technologies to controls and scenarios
    Define and track performance acceptability thresholds for the different technologies in relation to specific controls and different loss scenarios
  • Match products to scenarios
    Identify relevant potential products for critical loss scenarios
  • Advise cloud transformation
    Analyze and plan for cloud transformation and changes to the traditional risk profiles

How do I get started?

It’s easy to contact us and ask us anything related to Cyber Ratings and security, or you can hit the Cyber Ratings website.

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