New Hire Getting Started Task list

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Follow these steps to get started with using cloud based servers. Most of these are free services. By signing up for these services you can become familiar with the tools we are using.

  1. AWS-Cloud

  2. Azure-Cloud

  3. Azure DevOps

  4. GCP-Cloud

  5. Oracle

  6. Duo Security

  7. Okta

  8. ServiceNow

  9. Splunk

  10. Git

  11. Hashicorp Vault

  12. How to deploy Openshift 4 on a server

  13. Install and config pfSense for one-node infrastructure and access it from anywhere with DDNS on Cloudflare

  14. Markdown

  15. Pihole

  16. Reverse terraform code with terraformer for GCP

  17. Straight-forward Docker engine install on Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL and Debian

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